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Frequently Asked Questions

Post by Willie Sherman on Sun Sep 20, 2015 6:25 pm

"]How long does it take to get jumped in?

Becoming invited is not a challenge compared to being jumped in. Getting jumped in (becoming a trusted member of the gang) requires a lot of In Character activity, and by that we mean constant In Character presence. You must portray a realistic character away from the exaggerated superhero image some gang roleplayers tend to copy. Do keep in mind that standing on a corner being idle all day long will only get you bored, it will not score you any In Character progress.

How can I advance through the ranks and reach a high position?

Constant In Character activity is needed. Furthermore, you will have to prove yourself trustworthy and useful, both In Character and Out Of Character, before you get the chance to run parts of the faction. Leadership is not all about having power, so you will have to learn to be patient and responsible with your actions/decisions — you will also have to be a good role model for lower ranks and newcomers.

Do you accept alts?

As long as you do not mix IC/OOC between the characters and as long as you maintain decent activity on the character associated with our faction, then feel welcomed to join.

Do you have any tips?

Plan out your approaches carefully. For example, someone who wants to join a gang will not walk up to a group of gangbangers and say something along the lines of "Can I join your gang?" or "Hi, I need friends". Decide on your character's past background before approaching us, ask yourself — why is my character in such a situation? How did he get so poor? Why is he living in the ghetto? Why is he out on the street when he should be at school? What hobbies does he have, do they require money? What issues does he face? How can he escape poverty? If you find the answers to these questions before making your first approach, you will enjoy your time with us much more.

Portray a realistic economical status that matches your In Character background. If you are going to align yourself to a gang, then you are most likely broke or at least poor, there is no logic in owning fancy cars (that includes tuned-up lowriders) or multiple expensive firearms just because your savings or mechanic paychecks allowed you to.

Before joining, spend a couple of minutes surfing through the web to gain brief knowledge and information about Chicano gangs in Los Angeles, their origin and culture — more importantly, check for information on the 18th Street Gang. This should aid you in picking proper past and present background for your character.

Keep yourself updated with any Out Of Character news related to the faction. Once you have spent some time with us, you can request being invited to the forum usergroup by messaging me or Conspiracy.
Is there any faction group chat on Teamspeak or Skype?

Skype and Teamspeak group chats are strictly prohibited in this faction. You and a couple of your friends can talk while playing if you want to, but that's all. We do not have an official Teamspeak or Skype group chat and we will never have one. Abuse of VoIP communication is a serious offense in this faction and will get you kicked out. If you want to communicate with us Out Of Character, you can find us on the official LS-RP IRC, in channel #BSP211.

Questions or concerns regarding the faction can be asked here.

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