*Humors about Trigga*

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*Humors about Trigga*

Post by Kymani_Williams on Mon Sep 21, 2015 11:17 am

*The news would be spread trough out EAST LS that Trigga got shot by an unknown shooters wielding an AK 47 driving a black tahoma, hearsay that the shooters in black tahoma are covering their facial region with a yellow bandana. paparazzi also said Trigga pulled out a gun and hit one of the shooters dead. LSPD and LSFD rushed in the area and gives the unconscious Trigga a first aid and rush to all saints general hospital. Trigga is in a hospital arrest for carrying a deadly weapon and will be sent to SACF to spent two years imprisonment. *
*Some people took a picture of the shootout and uploaded to social media sites.

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